Why Work with MH Equipment

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    Conveyor and Sortation Systems
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    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVS)
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    Voice and Light Directed Picking
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    Storage Equipment
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Overview of Services Offered

At MH Engineered Solutions, we work with our clients from project conception through completion. We develop and install custom solutions in line with your company goals and strategies. Combining your first-hand knowledge of your business with our industry expertise, we will make your distribution center work for you. Whether you’re looking for some fine-tuning, total re-engineering, or a new greenfield facility, contact our team to learn more.

Material Handling Systems Engineering

At MH Engineered Solutions, we analyze the flow of materials, people, and information through your facility, dig deeply into your performance metrics, and envision solutions to your current and future problems. Our goal is to provide a system that improves throughput and allows your team to work smarter.

Facility Layout & Design

Our specialty is helping you get more out of your space than you ever thought possible. MH Engineered Solutions provides custom plans for facility design and reorganization. Whether you’re building a new distribution center from the ground up, or optimizing your current facility, we will make sure your space is built to handle growth.

Warehouse Management Software

Integrated Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is essential to scaling your operation. We help clients select a WMS that will support proven business processes by reducing labor costs, increasing throughput, and boosting your bottom line.

Order Fulfillment Technology & Automation

Automation and advanced order picking technology are the key to meeting the challenges of modern order fulfillment. MH Engineered Solutions will help to bring the latest automation technology to your facility as part of an integrated, scalable system.

Project Management & Installation

If you’re planning to retrofit your distribution center or build an entirely new facility, you shouldn’t have to do two jobs at once. With comprehensive, PMP certified project management and installation from MH Engineered Solutions, you can focus on your operation while we oversee the project, from initial analysis through installation.

We Are Solutions Providers

Our project managers and engineers work with our clients to develop custom solutions that streamline operations and enable growth. From simple storage and mechanization to fully automated and integrated systems, we work within scope, budget, and schedule to refine and implement the right solutions for your business needs.