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Industrial Vehicle Rentals

MH Equipment offers the best in industrial vehicles. Whether you want to move inventory or transport people, a safe and efficient industrial vehicle can provide you with the capabilities you need. We have a wide selection of industrial vehicles from burden carriers to personnel transporters. Our entire fleet of reliable Motrec and Cushman vehicles is maintained by our expert service technicians. Renting vehicles from MH Equipment allows you to get power where you need it without exhausting your budget.

The MH Equipment Advantage

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    Temporary, on-demand expansion of your fleet when you need it
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    Frequent service ensures well-maintained industrial vehicles
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    Available models include burden carriers and personnel transport vehicles
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    Classes in industrial vehicle operation for proper material handling

Burden Carrier Rentals

Burden carriers provide efficient load transportation for crew and cargo. Whether you’re looking for the industry’s smallest and most agile burden carrier from Motrec or need the heavy-duty towing capacity and multi-passenger capabilities of a Cushman Titan, MH Equipment has the right burden carrier for your business.

Commercial Utility Rentals

From warehouse to construction site, commercial utility vehicles can safely haul equipment over rough terrain. These vehicles are built to handle any job with features like roll-over protection, seat belts, and solid cargo beds. Choose from gas or electric models, or let the knowledgeable staff at MH Equipment help you decide which utility vehicle rental is best for your business.

Personnel Transport Rentals

Provide smooth transportation across plants and warehouses with a personnel transport vehicle. Perfect for operations of every size, personnel transport vehicles can move crew and guests quickly and quietly. Whether you want to ferry a single employee or shuttle a 14-person tour, MH Equipment has the ideal industrial vehicle for your needs.

We are here to help.

MH Equipment has you covered, fill out our rental request form or if you have additional questions contact us at (605) 368-9698.

Industrial Vehicle Rentals Dealership Locations

MH Equipment provides rental machinery from dealerships throughout the Midwest. Industrial vehicle rentals provide a cost-effective, temporary transportation solution when and where you need it most. Call MH Equipment or visit a location near you to find out if an industrial equipment rental is right for your business.

Maintenance & Service

You can trust the professionals at MH Equipment to have your machinery operational when you need it most.